Football Travel Makeup Bag - black blanc beurre
Football Travel Makeup Bag - black blanc beurre
Football Travel Makeup Bag - black blanc beurre
Football Travel Makeup Bag - black blanc beurre
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Black, Blanc, Beurre Travel Makeup Bag | Color Me Futbol - Dress Bonito

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Red Passion is the blood that runs through the veins of football. The French Football team of ‘98 was the embodiment of “Unity through DiverCity” with a representative of almost every culture working together in one team for the World Cup. Un pour tous et tous pour un!

Zidane (Kabylie), Pires (Portugal), Desailly (Ghana), Vieira (Senegal/Cape Verde), Thuram (Guadeloupe), Henry (Martinique/Guadeloupe), Djorkaeff (Russia/Armenia), Trezeguet (Argentina) and so on.

This also marked the birth of the term Black, Blanc, Beurre which means black, white and butter (arabic people) since those are the cultural groups that are most represented in France. I decided to use those three colors along France's red and blue to celebrate this rich, cultural DiverCITY which also happens to be one of the three elements of France’s ‘slogan’: Liberté, égalité, diversité .

Netflix Tip: Les Bleus
If you would love to know & learn more about this I truly recommend watching: Les Bleus - Une Autre Histoire
de France 1996 - 2016

French or...?

When France wins the World Cup everybody is French and there origins seem to the the taboo trending topic of the year. Yet when you grow up and live in Paris the Seine river divides the city in the white left and black right. And 'Where are you from?' is a question everybody has on their lips when they see a woman or man of color. 

In July 2018 France was celebrating the World Cup win and everybody was French and not even one month later Hapsatou Sy gets insulted on national TV because her name is not 'French'. 

'Sale Arabe' ou Président?

Cultural Identity is a fascinating topic and the answers are as colorful as the people. Some people feel more connected to their roots, others both, and a third group feels at home where they're born and raised.

France has culturally one of the most diverse societies yet when you're name is of foreign origin you don't get equal chances. If you play for the national team people call you a 'dirty Arab' when you don't sing the national anthem, yet one month later you're the national hero and people shout your name to become the next president....

Black, Blanc, Beurre Travel Makeup Bag
Planning a business  trip or vacation to a sunny destination? Then make sure you organize your travel toiletries and make up in a colorful travel makeup bag. Every woman who travels often has a makeup bag because they're perfect to store your toiletries and cosmetics.

Travel Make Up & Go Go Bags
On top of being functional these colorful makeup bags can also serve as a clutch. The colorful print makes it an eyecatcher and easy to spot in your luggage while the vibrant colors will make your outfit stand out in the crowd whether you're going to an art gallery, work event or for a drink.


.: 100% Polyester
.: Multiple sizes
.: Flat corners
.: With non-laminated lining

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