Kiwi Travel Pillow - Travel Capsule Wardrobe - Tutti Frutti
Kiwi Travel Pillow - Travel Capsule Wardrobe - Tutti Frutti
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Kiwi Travel Pillow - Tutti Frutti

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Did you know people from New Zealand are called Kiwis? And did you also know that kiwi the fruit is from New Zealand? 

First time I heard they were called kiwis I thought it was so cute but never stopped to think it might have a connection with the fruit. It wasn't until a few months ago when a French company was explaining why they were the only one certified with organic kiwis in France. He said kiwis originally came from New Zealand and that's how the people become kiwis as well. 

Embrace this culture knowledge and a color me happy touch to your travel capsule wardrobe with this fun kiwi travel pillow. It's soft, colorful and your perfect companion for a nap on the plane. And if somebody asks you about it, you'll be able to tell them that Kiwis are originally from New Zealand ;-)

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