20 Airport Travel Outfit Ideas

Are you travelling soon and wondering what you should wear on the plane? 
In this colorful lookbook video I show you 20 Airport Travel Outfit Ideas that are comfortable and stylish. Plus they're filled with airport fashion trends!

5 Schiphol Airport Fashion Trends
Airports are like runways and streetstyle: filled with energy, inspiration and trends. Based on the travel fashion trends I spotted at Schiphol Airport I divided the video in 5 fashion trend categories:

1. Jeans
Jeans are my go to style. They're comfortable, easy to style and work for many occasions. I can dress it up or down, pair it with sneakers or heels and they're my perfect fashion companion when travelling. 

2. Joggers
Athleisure is the biggest fashion trend right now! That's another win for casual fashion! Thans to this, now you can find many stylish variations on the classic athleisure joggers silhouette 

3. Pajamas
When I was little my mum would throw her coat over her pajamas and go to the call centre to call my family in Cape Verde. I thought she was crazy! Who knew that in fact she was a fashion pioneer and trendsetter and many more would follow her footsteps. In two weeks time I saw 3 different women at Schiphol Airport wearing pajamas like clothes. One even said she didn't want to bother changing because they were too comfortable. 

4. Leggings
Can you wear leggings like pants? This was a fashion debate going on for so long yet leggings like pants have become the norm and a popular airport outfit. Style your favorite leggings with a sweater, sneakers and you're good to travel.

5. Dresses
Wear them as is, with a jacket or a sweater when it's cold. The cool thing is that I can make the same dress look different depending on how I style it. Wear them with a jeans jacket on the plane and when you go out, throw a blazer on for a meeting or fancy event.