Africanité, Créolité, Mondialité - citizenM Rotterdam

This collection is inspired by the martinican writer Édouard Glissant's book called: Négritude, Créolité, Mondialité: When Poetry and Politics Go Hand in Hand. 

The people in the French caribbean at first only identified with their african identity (Négritude) and Glissant invented the notion of antillanité (Créolité) as a new anchor point for Caribbean identities. The martinican writer was also a visionaire as he sensed the effects of globalization which represents the modern's world mixity (Mondialité). Where once upon a time we only identified with our racial and national identity he introduced the idea of relation identity taking into account the influence of linguistic and cultural interactions. 

Yesterday's single identity has made way for a multiple identity and I wanted to highlight the diversity and journey of this with my collection: