Paris Capsule Wardrobe

Travelling to Paris soon and wondering what to wear in the city of lights? In this fun & colorful lookbook video I show you how to create 28 different outfits with sneakers using just 13 items!

By creating capsule wardrobes when you travel you'll maximize on style while minimizing on weight. With select, quality items you can create several look making it easier to dress day to day. 

Other added benefits of having a capsule wardrobe:
1. Save money by investing in quality pieces you can wear over and over again.
2. "I don't have anything to wear!" Surprisingly having less makes it easier and you won't have to wonder what to wear because you know exactly what you have and how to style it.
3. Confidence. Feel good about having less yet quality clothes, being in control of your money and wardrobe AND looking stylish every time.

Like the fashion items you see? Then shop them below and start creating your travel capsule wardrobe