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Joycy Paixão Fortes
Ancestral fashion artiste with a flair for colorful and unique travel style.

I love clothes I can style more ways than one. It helps me maximize my style while minimizing on weight when travelling! 

Plus having less with more styling options give me more peace. I don't stand in front of my closet wondering what to wear as I know exactly what I have and how to style it. Let me introduce and show you how to style this magical Goddess dress! 

A goddess has many facets, she embraces her divinity and humanity at the same time and is a deep feeling being that knows how to navigate the colorful landscape of her diverse emotions.  Being a goddess is not about being perfect but at accepting yourself perfectly even though you are not. It's about having the courage to explore and enlighten every corner of your being with radical self acceptance and compassion. 

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If you need more Summer Outfit Ideas inspiration check out my styling videos below!

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Goddess Dress

1 Goddess Dress, 6 Ways To Style It

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