Self Care Sunday: Facial, Skin Care & Body Care

self care sunday

Self Care for
Body, Mind & Soul

My self care routines have become sacred rituals for optimal body, mind & soul wellness. It helps me regulate my nervous system, boosts my self love & respect plus it gives me the opportunity for an authentic connection with myself. I never thought self care routines that are simple could have such a beautiful effect on my overal wellbeing but it has. That's why I want to share some spa day must-haves so you can treat yourself to some TLC.

Dress Joycy
Pamper yourself like a queen on your Self Care Sunday routine selfcare, pamper, spaday, selfcaresunday

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Pamper Vlog 
14 Home Spa Treatment Ideas for a Self Care Weekend

And if want more self care routine tips & tricks, watch my pamper vlog filled with 14 spa ideas for a self care weekend. 

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