8 Funny T-shirts That Perfectly Express Monday Mood

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8 Funny, Sarcastic Monday Mood T-shirts

8 Funny, Sarcastic, Monday Mood T-shirts

Monday marks a new beginning of the week but also a day a lot of us thread. After a (hopefully) fun weekend we have to go back to work and depending on where you work it can suck big time lol. 

So when we're talking about Monday Mood it encapsulates this kind of grumpy, "I don't want to, but I have to", I would rather stay in bed and watch Netflix kind of feelings :-)

If you're not a smooth talker in the morning, let your t-shirt do the talking. What I love about slogan t-shirts is that talk for me without me having to speak. So if the Monday Mood got the best of you and you don't want to 'talk' about it, wear these T-shirts instead so your colleagues will get the point ;-) 

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