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11 Ways To Wear a T-shirt #Fashionhacks

  • Learn 11 creative ways to style your T-shirt                                 
  • By investing in the right items for your capsule wardrobe you can get more for less                                 
  • Maximize on style & minimize on weight                                

This capsule wardrobe video features 11 different creative ways for you to wear a T-shirt! I love t-shirts because they're versatile, people from all walks of life, cultures and social statuses wear them and they're timeless. An absolute must for your travel capsule wardrobe!

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I'm wearing size M

Fanm Fortes T-shirt - Capsule Wardrobe

Fanm Fortes

Picasso Style

Fanm Fortes Capsule Wardrobe: 

10 Items = 28 Outfit Ideas

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