5 Self Care Sunday Tips to Chillax & Unwind

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Self Care Sunday 5 Tips

5 Wellness Tips To Recharge & Feel Good

Turn your Sunday into a sacred day with rituals that will give you life & self love. Even if you can't get the day off on Sunday make a commitment to yourself to save at least one day (or half a day) to take care of yourself.

So often we get caught in the daily rat race chasing our responsibilities and taking care of others. Make yourself a priority with these 5 Self Care Sunday Tips. 

Step 1: Skin Care with Sheet Masks

Use a mask at least once a week to nourish or relax your skin. Your skin will look better and you'll feel more confident

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5 Self Care Sunday Tips to Chillax

Step 2: Use a color changing humidifier & essential oils

Using the right essential oils can set a positive mood in your home, cleanse the energy and bring clarity of mind. Pour it in a color changing humidifier for some extra vitamine C(olor). Let it flow and change color on its own or press the button to set the color. Choose blue to relax and green is great for personal healing and the heart chakra

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5 Self Care Sunday Tips to Chillax

Step 3: Chillax in the bath tub with a Lush bath bomb

Lush bath boms are my favorite! I try to get one at least once a week and then admire the beautiful Lush bath art as it unfolds :-)

5 Self Care Sunday Tips to Chillax

Step 4: Use Affirmations to set an Attitude of Gratitude

Use affirmations to help you focus on the good. Here's one affirmation you can use:

"My heart is filled with love and gratitude"

You can also shop this Focus on the Good Travel Make Up Bag and write the positive things that happened in your day and place them inside. At the end of the week, read the notes you wrote to remind you of the many positive events that happened to you. 

5 Self Care Sunday Tips to Chillax

Step 5: Make Yourself a 'PrioriTea'

Have some tea and make yourself a prioritea ;-)
It's ok to make yourself your number 1 priority. You don't need to save everybody else or take care of their needs first. Fill your cup of love and give what spills but always take care of yourself first. 

5 Self Care Sunday Tips to Chillax

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