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24 Hours in Monaco

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Welcome to Monaco, the world’s second smallest country after the Vatican Monaco is surrounded by France and faces the Mediterranean sea making this is a great destination for travelers and nature lovers.

Monaco doesn’t even have an airport so if you want to come and visit you can take the train just like I did from Nice and combine both locations. Make sure you also check out the link with my top 12 Things To Do in Nice

Did you know that 30% of Monaco’s population are millionaires? It’s known as Europe’s tax haven where each and every individual citizen of the country enjoys a tax-free lifestyle since 1870. A lot of people visit Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in May but If you want to come and visit know that it’s suitable to come anytime of the year thanks to its mild climate and there’s always an event to entertain you

So if you’re in Monaco for 24 hours, what should you do and see? Here are my top 5 tips

1. Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo Casino has been the playground of at least 3 james bond movies. The casino has an impressive facade that was featured in Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye. And even if you don’t go inside outside on the square you’ll see a glimpse of Monaco’s glamorous lifestyle with the range of luxury cars you’ll see coming by.

2. Starbucks

Normally I would not include a starbucks in top things to see and do but the view at this Starbucks makes it worth a visit. Have an iced chai latte while you enjoy a fantastic view of Monaco

3. Japanese Gardens in Monaco

You’ll find a little piece of Japan in Monaco at the Japanese Gardens. Created in 1994 at the request of Prince Rainier III this green oasis marries Japanese tradition and Mediterranean touches. It offers a refreshing and green contrast to Monaco’s flamboyant lifestyle

4. Prince's Palace of Monaco

Growing up my mum gave us a binder featuring the prince and princesses of Monaco, Caroline and Stephanie. I loved going through it and seeing their clothes, make up and crowns. So it was very exciting to go visit the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. Due to it’s high location the views on both sides were stunning and impressive.

5. Walk Around

Since Monaco is the second smallest country in the world you can just walk around. To go from one end to the other you would only need about 50min walking which is nothing. So take your time to admire the view, the architecture, eat and do some shopping

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