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TVE Flash Moda in Rotterdam
In September Flash Moda from TVE Spain visited Rotterdam and I was their local guide for fashion, the city and couleur locale. It was so much fun to participate in this show and working with Paz Rubio & her colleague Aytor. 

TVE Flash Moda in Rotterdam
I love Rotterdam and have lived here for 10 years and it definitely feels like home. So talking about how great it is, is super easy because there's so much I love about the city. 

You can watch the video here starting 8min10

Talking points
If you don't speak spanish here are some of the highlights discussed:
- Rotterdam has more than 170 different nationalities and because locals are so open minded you'll quickly feel at home
- There's a beautiful creative mix in Rotterdam and even if you visit after 6 months you will discover new gems
- When it comes to fashion you can explore the avant garde fashion at Margreeth Olsthoorn or the street style sneaker culture
- At Fenix Food Factory you can find a little bit of everything and somehow it reminds me of La Boqueria in Barcelona. On a sunny day sit outside and enjoy your food and the view. 

That's all folks :D  

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