Room Mate Bruno Hotel in Rotterdam! A Disney World for Modern Lovers?

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Room Mate Bruno Hotel in Rotterdam

Is this the most colorful hotel you will ever stay in? 

Room Mate Bruno in Rotterdam

Welcome to Room Mate Bruno Hotel, the most colorful hotel I ever stayed in! This beautiful boutique design hotel opened its doors in Rotterdam and all the 217 rooms are filled with vibrant colors and unique design. 

It looks like a Disney World for Modern Lovers

by Jamie-Lynn

Rotterdam Port City

Rotterdam has the largest port of Europe so Room Mate hotel reflects the rich marine history of the city. Each Room Mate hotel has a distinct name, design and color palette so even if you visit them all, the decor will always surprise you while the great customer service and good quality will will be the common thread that ties them all. You can whatsapp the reception 24/7, even for museum tips! And if you don’t have wifi, Room Mate will provide you with the Wi-Mate, a portable internet provider, so you’ll be connected throughout the city

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Room Mate Bruno

Room Mate Bruno is a marine that came to Rotterdam and followed the stars to his final destination. That’s why you’ll find astrology signs bedrooms and astral elements on the walls and ceiling. Because when sailing to a new destination marines always follow the stars. 

Designer Teresa Sapey

The creative brain behind the mesmerizing design and decor is italian artist and designer Teresa Sapey. She created a decor that is so unique, inspiring and the perfect backdrop for your instagram shots. I also took some pics here so if you want to see them, follow me on instagram. 

Ce Rêve Bleu

The star of Room Mate Bruno has to be the blue patio. From the furniture, carpet, walls and plants, this is a blue dream or le rêve bleu. It reminded me of Aladdin because in the french version Aladdin and Yasmine go off and sing about Le Rêve Blue, the blue dream and this is it!

Each room is different and unique and there’s a red and blue suite that has it all. A mini bar, stunning bedroom, their own balcony and a tub. You could spend the whole weekend here and just relax!And if you’re visiting with your family, Room Mate Bruno has got you covered with their 2 floor bedrooms with a king sized bed and two single beds for the kids

Business Travellers + Room Mate Hotel

Room Mate Bruno also has rooms for business travellers. If you have to share a bedroom with your colleague than this bedroom with two single beds is a must. And after a stress full day you can relax at the sauna or work out to get it out of your system

Breakfast for Queens & Kings

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you’re staying at a boutique design hotel it better be good. Room Mate Bruno has such a large breakfast bar that I didn’t have enough room on my plate to eat it all. I don’t eat meat and there’s plenty of choice if you don’t either. Plus the good thing is that they’re open from 7 until 12h which to me is amazing! So often I have to force myself to get up early so I can be on time for breakfast while it won’t be necessary here. 

Hotspot: Foodhallen Rotterdam

Good weather in Rotterdam is never guaranteed but luckily for you, you won’t even have to go outside to find a great place to eat.Room Mate Bruno is connected and located right next to Foodhallen, Rotterdam’s latest food hotspot filled with different food corners from all over the world. On a Saturday night you can come here for dinner and then as the music goes on you’ll have a great place to end the night with a drink. When you finish just go back to the hotel and have a good night of sleep.  

What do you think of Room Mate Bruno hotel? Let me know in the comments below

And if you book this hotel on you’ll get 25 dollars after you check out

Happy travelers

"Cool design. Breakfast spread was good. Location right next to Metro and Food hall next to it."

By Dora from United Arab Emirates

"The location is excellent, the hotel layout and rooms are first class."

By John from United Kingdom

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Capeverdean Ancestral Fashion Artiste based in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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