The Benefits of a Travel Capsule Wardrobe + Convertible Travel Clothes

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Benefits of Travel Capsule Wardrobe - Room Mate Bruno
I wanted to minimize on weight while maximizing on style by packing the right items. The beauty of convertible travel clothes is that with just one piece I could wear several styles for each day of the week. Every day I had a different look wearing the same piece!
Plus having a travel capsule wardrobe takes so much stress away from deciding what to wear for the day. I knew what I had because I chose a selected number of clothes so that took away time of deciding 'what I should wear' and kept me focused on creating stylish looks with the travel capsule wardrobe I had.
Here's 10 more reasons to invest in a travel capsule wardrobe:

1. Save Money!
No need to go buy new clothes every week because you have nothing to wear. Investing in the key pieces for your travel capsule wardrobe will save you money & time.

2. Get Dressed Quickly
Since you know what you've packed, this simplifies the whole process of picking a travel outfit for the day.
3. Simplify your closet
Minimalism is a lifestyle that will prove you that less is more! The side effect is that declutter your closet will surprisingly bring more clarity in your head because our environments also affect our overall wellbeing.
4. More Creativity
By having less clothes, this will actually make you more creative. Instead of buying new things, you will look at your travel capsule wardrobe and always think of new ways to wear it. There's no limit to what you can do with style when you have the right pieces to wear.
5. More Confidence
Knowing what to buy and how to wear it will increase your confidence. So many times I meet women & men who don't know what to get, how to wear something, what colors to combine it with and where to wear it to. When you buy something it has to go with what you have so you have more styling options. It also needs to be versatile so you can go for work to a drink afterwards without having to carry lots of clothes with you.
6. Feel Good
When you wear the right clothes and colors you feel good and it shows! Feeling good increases your confidence and therefore also your success in life because it all starts with how you feel about yourself. Clothes can definitely lift your moods up and when you rise higher you also reach higher and create a better life for yourself.
7. Less Decision Fatigue
When you're a creative business woman, making decisions is at the top of your to-do list every day. Don't let your clothes be one of them and simplify the whole process by investing in a travel capsule wardrobe
8. Less Guilt
Ever had a shopping hangover? One where you're all happy one day, shopping your sorrows away only to wake up the day after and doubting every purchase you made? The guilt creeps up because you're not sure if you you got is worth it and when will you wear those beautiful heels that don't go with anything in your clothes and hurt your feet after 10min?
9. More Compliments
Having a colorful travel capsule wardrobe will allow you to discover what looks good on your body, what you enjoy wearing, what fits with your lifestyle and you'll feel proud of yourself. You will feel better and therefore look better. People will see AND feel this and therefore you'll get more compliments.
10. More Happiness
Having a travel capsule wardrobe will save you time, money and space. As a result you'll feel more inner peace and the money you save can be used for fun activities, eating out, wellness and travelling more.

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