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12 Must-Have Statement Sweatshirts Perfect for Travel | Dressjoycy.com

Travel in Comfort & Style

Joycy Paixão Fortes

Ancestral fashion artiste with a flair for colorful and unique travel style.

When it comes to fashion why would you sacrifice comfort for style? Comfort is key when it comes to my travel style but I still want to look good. Especially when I have long flights I can feel exhausted afterwards but I don't want my travel outfit to reflect that!

Whereas before sweatshirts were seen as casual fashion now they've become high fashion as more and more luxury brands have embraced this capsule wardrobe staple. 

Comfort goes hand in hand with style when it comes to statement sweatshirts. It keeps you warm when it's cold, it brightens your day when you're blue and this capsule wardrobe staple can be worn from Spring to Winter. Plus you can go from cocoon mode to fun day trips without skipping a beat in these fun statement sweatshirts

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Travelling soon and want to travel in style & color? 
Then these statement sweatshirts are perfect for you!

12 Statement Sweatshirts Perfect for Travel | Dressjoycy.com

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