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Where Technology meets Art, Magic Happens

Joycy Paixão Fortes
Ancestral fashion artiste with a flair for colorful and unique travel style.

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People often refer to Singapore as the city of the future. The ArtScience museum definitely highlights this as they beautifully combined technology and art to create a magical immersive experience.

I love art and visiting museums but not all of them are 'fun'. I believe the ArtScience museum will surprise people who love art and attract a new audience who before might have felt that museums are not for them. 

At ArtScience Museum you travel at the heart of the universe. By combining art and science the museum creates a unique and inspiring experience that is also interactive. 

Fun, Art & Interaction

Each room has a different interactive art experience to offer. Start in a flower power room where you will become a flower as the beauty of digital art museums is that they make you part of the art. 

Even adults will enjoy the fun activities that are perfect to delight your inner child! There's a virtual aquarium where you can add your own piece of art to. Draw your own fish or other piece of art, scan it and then see it swimming live. 

Crystal Universe at ArtScience Museum

The Crystal Universe was truly a unique and magical experience. I've seen it online before and was wondering if it was as wonderful as it looked online. I've had times when reality didn't live up to the illusion of Instagram but luckily it wasn't the case for the Crystal Universe.

As you walk along it literally feels like you become part of the universe and the light particles respond to your energy as it's interactive. 

If you’ve spotted this before, you’re right as it was created in collaboration with Teamlab which as the same installation in Tokyo.   

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