15 Fun Things To Do in Singapore, City of the Future?


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Welcome to Singapore, a city and island nation where you’ll experience Summer al year long. Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is the perfect starting point if you’re looking to visit more countries in the continent.

Singapore is a popular stopover destination and a lot of people would say that 24h is enough but in 3.5 days in Singapore i’ve grown to love this place more and more. And I still didn’t see everything yet!

If you’re not familiar with Asia, Singapore is a great point to start as it’s also home to different cultures that offers inspiring contrasts. Experience the rich variety of cultures, architectures and food in Little India, Chinatown, Arab Street and more 

I hope this video will convince you to prolong your stay in Singapore for a few days as these are 15 things you shouldn’t miss when visiting the island. And if you liked the video, like and share it with your friends

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1. Hawker Centers & Food Courts

Singapore is a paradise for foodies and visiting the many hawker centers is a must. Plus they’re super cheap. On the first night I got a meal for only 2.4 Singaporean dollars which is only 1.58 EUR. 

If you’re vegetarian or vegan make sure you research before as there are hawker centers where you’ll only find meat and seafood. 

I would definitely recommend watching Antony Bourdain’s episodes about Singapore as he covers the hawker centers broadly.

I hope this video will convince you to prolong your stay in Singapore for a few days as these are 15 things you shouldn’t miss when visiting the island. And if you liked the video, like and share it with your friends

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

2. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is part of the iconic Singapore skyline and a hotel that offers an impressive view even from the outside. It’s also the most instagrammed hotel in the world thanks to its infinity pool, which I didn’t go visit. Inside the hotel you can also visit the shopping mall and make sure you stay at night for the magical light show that you can see every night for free.

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3. "Merlion Park"

The best place to see the Marina Bay Sands light show is on the other side at Merlion park. Although I’m still mentioning it here, it will be demolished and visitors can only see it until October 20th. 

Nonetheless I wanted to share Merlion’s history. 
Half fish and half lion, this figure is Singapore’s national icon
The merlion’s body represents Singapore’s humble beginnings as a fishing village while its head represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura or Lion City in Malay.

15 Fun Things To Do in Singapore, the City of the Future?

4. Arab Quarter

Remember how I said Singapore is rich in contrasts? At Arab street you will experience a different facet of the island here you can eat Turkish food, create your own perfume and taste new drinks or visit the Masjid sultan mosque which has become the face of the area for many visitors and resembles the palace of the cartoon version of Disney’s Aladdin

5. Gelam Gallery

When you’re here make sure to visit the Gelam Gallery, a live and open museum. We did a free art tour with Monster Day Tours which was absolutely lovely. The Gelam Gallery is an experiment so far and the government wants to see if there’s more demand for this so make sure to visit, take pics and share so more people can visit and more initiatives like this can be started

I will leave the link for Monster Day Tours below as they offer several free walking tours around different areas in Singapore.

15 Fun Things To Do in Singapore, the City of the Future?

6. Artscience Museum Singapore

Travel in the heart of the universe at the art science museum. By combining art and science the museum creates a unique and inspiring experience that is also interactive. At this virtual aquarium adults and kids can draw a fish, scan it and see it swimming live. The crystal universe was such a magical sight. As you walk through it you’ll see that it moves and interacts with you. Even when you go out you can even choose the colors it has.

If you’ve spotted this before, you’re right as it was created in collaboration with Teamlab which as the same installation in Tokyo. 

7. Little India

If you’re vegetarian like me than definitely visit Little India as this is a vegetarian food heaven. But besides the great food, just walking here will make you wander in India. 

Spot the street art or the most colorful house in the neighborhood which I’m sure you’ve seen on Instagram as this is a popular spot that gets shared a lot 

8. Mustafa Center

And while you’re in Little india drop by the Mustafa center

Looking for souvenirs? Some snack, clothes or technology? At Mustafa center you can and will find it all and you have 24 hours to do so as this shopping center is always open. 

9. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is very touristy but definitely worth it. In here you’ll be surrounded by 60.000 plants and floral gems from the tropical montane regions.

The 35 meter man made waterfall will have you amazed while walking down the cloud walk and treetop walk will feel surreal. Make sure you also visit the 7 discovery zones for an interactive and educational adventure. Via these interactive spaces they also educate the visitors about climat change and other important topics

15 Fun Things To Do in Singapore, the City of the Future? - Supertree Grove

10. Supertree Grove

Even though you can visit the Supertree grove during the day at night it becomes a real show. Treat yourself to a free light and music show of Garden Rhapsody at 7.45 and 8.45 pm. I had seen these impressive trees online but had no idea that it was a whole show with music to it as well.

11. OCBC Skyway

Although the light show is free walking on the OCBC skyway is not but I would definitely recommend this one at night.  

Singapore is definitely impressive at night with its lights and architecture, and viewing it up here gives you such beautiful views of the city and Marina Bay Sands off course.

12. Clarke Quay

Drinking in Singapore can be very pricy due to the so called Syntax. If you want to have a drink visit Clarke Quay as it offers a nice view at night. Although I have to say this felt more touristic and less authentic compared to other places

15 Fun Things To Do in Singapore, the City of the Future? - Chinatown

13. Chinatown

Visiting Chinatown is a must as it combines what Singapore is known for: delicious foods, shopping and rich contrasts. And let’s definitely not forget the street art.

Shopping in Chinatown will feel like a delightful treasure hunt and depending on where you go the vendors will have interesting stories to tell 

14. Friend's Central Perk

Oh my Chandler, I just ended in a live episode of friends and had a coffee at Central Perk. Which character do you identify most with? If you have a favorite you’re in for a treat because each coffee is named after them, and even the shakes and pizzas have a direct link with the characters and story of the show. 

Before you leave turn right and visit Monica and Rachel’s kitchen and the small corner with memorable items from Phoebe and Ross. 

Here are some fun things to know
Did you know the pilot episode of Friends aired exactly 25 years ago?
That this cafe in Singapore is the only warner brother’s licensed cafe outside of the US
You can actually watch episodes of Friends inside this Central Perk
And they even have theme nights such as trivia and Chandler’s comedy night

15. Jewel Changi Airport

And last but not least go check out the World Tallest Indoor Waterfall at Jewel Changi airport

You will arrive and leave here so you will automatically see this 40 meter high indoor waterfall also known as the rain vortex. 
We were there at night and every hour they had a light and music show which turned this waterfall into a piece of art and wonder. 

Besides the waterfall Changi airport has been praised for having lots of activities to entertain you while you’re in here from shopping, movies, massages, great food and indoor activities for all ages.

15 Fun Things To Do in Singapore, the City of the Future?

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