Top 10 Things To Do in Zürich, Switzerland | World's Best Destination for Expats?


From Swiss Chocolate To Hiltl, the Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Town

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Welcome to Zürich, Switzerland’s largest city. It also has been voted as being one of the best places to live in the world thanks to quality of life, the facilities for outdoor living, exercise, culture and fun. Many foreigners come to live and work here and in this video I’ll show you why the city is also worth visiting with these 10 tips

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Top 10 Things To Do in Zurich | World's Best Destination for Expats?

1. Zürich lake

The first thing I did when I arrived was take the train to the city center and walk along the Zürich lake. This scenic promenade was the best introduction to the city. I love water cities as I find that being near water is very soothing and relaxing. Even though it was cloudy the day I arrived, the water in zurich tends to turn into this beautiful deep turquoise color that is quite unique.

2. Have coffee at Mame Seefeld

After all that walking I wanted to sit, relax and have a good coffee. And Mame Seefeld is the perfect place to do so. This location was highly praised online as it has won several prizes. And I can tell it lived up to the hype! This was probably one of the best coffees I ever had. Maybe the one I had in Bologna was as good or better.

Top 10 Things to do in Zurich, Switzerland

3. Boat Ride in Zürich

Since Zurich is a water city, taking a boat ride is a must. It’s so nice and relaxing to cruise along the water and have a peek at the different landscapes and houses of the city. It was incredibly varied in terms of architecture plus it gave a glimpse into how some people live. Even from an outsiders perspective you can see that Zurich is a great city for people of all ages but primary for families with kids. I would definitely consider living here for a short or long period

4. Walk in the Park

When I got off the boat I turned left and walked into this park. Such a lovely place to walk around, hang with friends, picnic or sit along the water. And even the public toilets here were super clean. Usually I tried avoid them at all costs but I had to go, and luckily I was surprised to see it was super clean and modern

5. Eat Vegan in Zürich at Beetnut

For lunch I stopped at Beetnut to have a salad. This vegan hotspot has many different options on their menu and it’s located in a popular neighborhood that is very new as it was build only a couple of years ago. But many hotspots like these have opened here and Google even moved their headquarters to Zurich and I spotted 2 of their offices here as well.

Top 10 Things To Do in Zurich | World's Best Destination for Expats?

6. Lindenhof

For a panoramic view of the city go to Lindenhof. You’ll first walk in the old quarter where you’ll spot some lovely architecture. And once you’re up you’ll get a panoramic view of Zurich.

Top 10 Things To Do in Zurich | World's Best Destination for Expats?

7. Hiltl, The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Zürich

And this is probably the coolest place I visited in Zurich. Is it a bar? Roof terrace or a fancy club? No this place is a vegetarian restaurant!

Yes it is! They serve and all vegetarian buffet with vegan options as well. Walk along and serve what you want on your plate and you’ll pay for the weight of your food. This place was amazing! They even had a dj inside and the whole vibe reminded me a of a cool rooftop bar in New York or something but it was the coolest vegetarian restaurant in Zurich.

8. Sechselautenplatz

Near the Sechselautenplatz you’ll find this cute resting spot along the water where many people sit and look at the swans. I bought some snacks at Coop market to I can eat when I was sitting there. And sometimes you’ll spot couple who are enjoying a romantic sunset.

That day there as a free opera event on the Sechselautenplatz. So many people came bringing their own food and snacks while enjoying the opera.

9. Visit Luzern

You can easily visit Zurich’s highlights in a day so if you’re there for the weekend take a day trip to Luzern. This city is so picturesque, charming and offers a cool contract to Zurich’s modern & vibrant vibe. 

Walk around, do some shopping or walk along the bridge. Since Luzern is also a water city you guessed I took another boat ride. This boat had a guided audio tour which gives you more explanation about the city and its history. 

10. Swiss Chocolate!

And last but not least, the chocolate! Switzerland is known for it’s chocolate and it’s probably the best one in the world. A chocolate expert recommended Laderach to me so before I left I got myself a little treat of chocolate squares. You can get them pre-made or simply choose which flavors you want and they’ll break them in small squares for you.

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