8 Fun Things To Do in Sevilla from Flamenco Polka Dots, Romantic Boat Rides to Historical Travel


Sevilla Travel Tips from Flamenco Polka Dots, Romantic Boat Rides to Historical Travel

I've been to Barcelona and Madrid but both cities pale in comparison to Sevilla. From the picture perfect streets, authentic culture, delicious food to the overall 'joie de vivre' of locals, Sevilla made me travel back in time and stole my heart! 

It was 40 degrees when I visited Sevilla in September and it was such a joy discovering the city by foot, eating at every corner and enjoying everything the city had to offer. Sevilla is a hidden gem so you won't have to worry about crowds of tourists.

If you're travelling to Sevilla soon for a city trip or vacation and need travel tips on how to explore this beautiful city, read my 8 THINGS TO DO in Sevilla Tips to make the most of your trip. And if you know anyone visiting soon, forward them this article.

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1. El Metrosol Parasol: Aka “The Mushrooms,” is a highlight that won’t go unnoticed as it sticks out and contrasts the traditional buildings. And it’s also the largest wooden structure in the world. You can go up and admire it up close or go chill here at night like the locals and hang out with friends 

2. La Catedral is the 3rd largest Cathedral in the World. You can go in and climb up the tower but the line was long so I decided to enjoy the square around it which offers a photogenic view and lots of chariots with horses for those who want to explore Sevilla this way.

3. Shopping. If you walk around the Cathedral you’ll get to the shopping centre where you’ll find this impressive Fnac store with pictures of different toreadors. Fnac sells books, technology and cd’s among others. Further along this street you’ll find shops like Zara, C&A, NYX and even the department store El Corte Ingles. Before the cathedral you can find local and flamenco shops where they sell gorgeous & colorful flamenco dresses.

4. If you love walking in nature, visit the Parque Maria Luisa in Sevilla. This park is huge plus it offers you the opportunity to cool down from the heat

5. Right next to it you’ll find Plaza de Espana. This spot was probably my favorite in Sevilla! In some ways it reminded me of Venice in Italy with the gondola like boats and the water but around it there were beautiful art works representing each region in Spain.

6. Eat tapas & paella and Drink sangria!
Sevilla is the perfect city to walk around and bump into cool places to eat and drink. Tapas are little bites that are delicious and I love them because it gives me the opportunity to try different flavours at once. And for drinks have a Sangria which is a drink that is made with red wine, chopped fruit and sometimes it also has orange juice or brandy.

La Cacharreria is the breakfast place to be for cool hipsters, vegetarians and vegans! I had a tortilla bagel filled with yummy flavors and it was the perfect meal to kickstart another beautiful day in Sevilla.

7. Watch a flamenco show! Sevilla lives and breathes flamenco and you’ll bump into so many flamenco shops where you can buy handmade accessories, clothes and shoes. But don't stop there! See it come all together in a Flamenco show! It’s filled with passion and I loved watching the woman’s different flamenco dresses throughout the show. And even though you might not speak Spanish, music and dance are universal and are felt in your heart. I watched a flamenco show at La Casa del Flamenco

8. Walk over the river and visit Triana. For those days where you don't want to cross the whole city to find a good place to eat, Triana is perfect for this. Here you'll find a a number of bars and restaurants all lined up next to each other which makes picking a restaurant so easy!

At night, along the river becomes the place to be to have a drink

After this we walked to our hotel. I love walking because it's my go to method to relax, clear my head and digest after I ate :D
Sevilla is a great city to walk in because it's easy to explore by foot, even though it was September it was not crowded with tourists and I also felt safe at night.

Do you know Sevilla? What did you like the most? Let me know by commenting below

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