How To Hygge with It + 12 Ways To Love Winter

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12 Tips To Make Winter Cozy & Fun

When Winter times come I like to hermit, do my Winter sleep and take occasional breaks to Netflix & Chill. It's not my favorite season and the cold makes me want to hibernate. But this year I decided to things differently and to Hygge with It. If you've never heard of Hygge, it's a Danish concept to make the Winter months, nice & cozy.

According to Denmark’s official tourism website Hygge is all about “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people”. Could Hygge be the reason Denmark is the happiest country on earth??

Hygge Lifestyle + 11 Tips To Make Winter Cozy

1. Netflix & Chill

During Winter I finally have time to catch up on old series or to bingewatch my favorite ones. If you're looking to add new series to your must-binge watch list then here are some of my favorites: How To Get Away With Murder, Jane The Virgin, La Casa de Papel, Once Upon a Time, Ingobernable, Suits, Orange is the New Black (still saving the last season though), Dix Pour Cent, Marseille, La Casa de Las Flores and so much more.
Hygge in Denmark + 11 Tips To Make Winter Cozy

2. Aromatherapy + Color Changing Aroma Diffuser
If you're new to aromatherapy, pick Lavender essential oil. It's perfume reminds me of beautiful lavender fields in France and it's perfect for when you want to chillax & unwind. Put some drops into this color changing aroma diffuser and let the scent do its magic. 

Hygge Lifestyle + 11 Tips To Make Winter Cozy

3. Propercorn

No series or movie is complete without some yummy popcorn. The last thing I need is to put on weight during Winter season so let me present some guilt-free popcorn that is under 130 kcals per serving, gluten-free, vegetarian & super yummy! You might wonder if such a thing exists, but it does and it comes under the name Propercorn. Although the packaging and story drew me in at first, it was the delicious flavors that made me come back for more. My favorites are Sweet & Salty, Worcester Sauce, Sour Cream & Coconut & Vanilla. They recently launched a pink sweet popcorn that I can't wait to try.

4. Transform your Bathroom into a Spa
After a busy day I love to pamper myself by taking a long bath, throwing in a Lush bath bomb (love the Sakura & Sex Bomb), watch my Brazilian novela (Currently watching O Outro Lado do Paraiso) and once a week I put on a face mask because skin care is the new make up. Make your bathroom is place where you promise to take care of yourself and add accessories to reflect your intention. From positive affirmations on your mirror, scented candles, bath bombs to facial masks you use once a week because when you feel good, you look good

5. Chunky Wool Blanket
I've seen on Instagram and they look totally Hygge proof! Not only are these the perfect accessory to bundle up in style on the couch, they also look very stylish. Shop this chunky wool blanket here

6. Winter Home Make Over
Since you're going to be inside anyway give your home a seasonal make over. Add some metallic pillows, a cozy wool blanket, cozy scented candles and some new wall art to freshen up your walls.

7. Meditation - Calm
I have an on & off relationship with meditation. I know it's good for me and it is but sometimes I get caught in the business of life and meditation is left right out. When people ask me how to meditate they always say that they find it difficult, don't know what to do or how to be still. Being still is not my purpose when meditating but to become aware without getting indulged in my train of thoughts. The best app I've used for meditation so far is Calm. It has so many different (guided) meditations and especially for beginners guided meditations are the easiest to try out. On top of that they offer so many beautiful landscapes that you can stare at which instantly relaxes me. The sight of a beach instantly relaxes me, how about you?

Hygge Lifestyle + 11 Tips To Make Winter Cozy

8. Hot Chocolate - Whittard of Chelsea
A cozy Hygge moment wouldn't be complete without a nice cup of hot chocolate. When I travel I'm always on the lookout to try different hot chocolates. Don't even remember how Whittard of Chelsea crossed my path but I'm glad it did. I probably discovered it in Camden Town where they have a cute shop with so many different tasty hot chocolates (they also have tea). Whittard of Chelsea tastes like happiness in a cup :-) I've tried the Salted Caramel, Tiramisu, White Chocolate & Strawberry but my fave so far is the White Chocolate & Raspberry. The drink also becomes pink!

9. Chakra Tea
Oprah's morning routine includes drinking tea. If you want to upgrade your tea moment try the tea's from Shoti Maa. Each tea has a special blend with a purpose. I love the balance tea as it harmonizes my overall mood and I drink the Delighted Tea for clear vision.

10. Gold Face Mask
The quality time you make for yourself is worth gold so why not take a literal approach to this by putting gold on your face. This luxury beauty treatment is said to reduce wrinkles, even your skin complexion and adds a golden glow to your face. And who doesn't want some of that??

11. Winter Stay-Cation
I love to live in Holland. Although it's a tiny country it has so much to offer. So if I'm going to be stuck here during Winter season I might as well make the most of it and explore the Dutch landscape. If you're into history and want to travel back in time the Netherlands is the perfect place to do that. Discover one of the first supermarkets in Holland and some super Dutch Windmills at Zaanse Schans or ride along the canals during Amsterdam Light Festival and experience the Dutch capital from the water.

12. Make Your Candles Lit
Candles are the easiest way to get Hygge with it during the Winter plus it allows you to give your home a seasonal make over. Candles automatically add warmth and romance to any room. For color me rainbow candles get some at Flying Tiger and if you're willing to splurge check the candles from The Hype Noses. This candle smells divine and the soothing sound of the flame burning will make you feel like you have your own fireplace

How do you make your Winter more Hygge & cozy?

Joycy Paixão Fortes 
Capeverdean ancestral fashion artiste based in Rotterdam and always ready to travel.

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